Michael Jackson To Make an Appearance

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Michael Jackson séance to be shown live on TV
by Martin Higgins
October 14, 2009

Sky TV to broadcast medium’s attempt to reach the late King of Pop

michaeljacksonBIG_200Sky Television has announced that psychic medium Derek Acorah will attempt to contact Michael Jackson in a live televised séance.

Two newly commissioned shows, Michael Jackson: The Live Séance and Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit, will be broadcast back-to-back on Sky in November.

Former T4 presenter, June Sarpong will present the programmes, which aim to give fans “a final chance to connect with their hero”. The séance is to take place at a secret location which was familiar to and once inhabited by the Thriller popstar.

Airing directly before the live séance, Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit will delve into Jackson’s psyche and explore the sources of his inspiration, previewing some of the tactics and triggers that will feature in the séance.

Sarpong will be joined by leading American psychic Bobby Marchesso, as well as close friends of Jackson, including Thriller video co-star Ola Ray, Ian Halperin, author of controversial Michael Jackson Biography Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, and Jackson’s spiritual healer, Reverend June Gatlin. Other guest contributors are to be confirmed.

“I’ve always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, he truly was the King of Pop, and I was shocked and saddened by his sudden death,” says Sarpong. “I think viewers will find this programme intriguing and will want to tune in to see what happens.

“It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this but I’m open-minded and can’t wait to see what Derek uncovers,” she added.