Michael Jackson Signature Forgeries on the Rise

Submitted by W.J. Elvin III, as posted on International Autograph Collector’s Club and Dealer’s Alliance (IADA-CC):

Fake Michael Jackson autographs everywhere after death of the King of Pop, June 26, 2009

Beware of fake Michael Jackson signed items throughout the industry.


Michael Jackson signed memorabilia and other artifacts have more then tripled in price and Forgeries are on the raise.The Internet is now bombarded with non authentic Michael Jackson signed items. Well they can only go up in value and in many cases by huge amounts. Beware as 70% of Michael Jackson autographs on eBay are forged or printed signatures. There will be loads of people out there trying to make some fast money off of Michael Jackson’s valued signature.

Actual Michael Jackson Signatures:

Michael Frost President of the IADA-CC and head authentictor for P.A.A.S. in a interview with the media last night stated that eBay is well aware of this problem and he and others are helping to examine the items being offered as we speak. Mike Frost was examining eBay items last night until 3.45 am. Michael Frost stated that at 6.30 PM on Thursday June 25, 2009 there were 163 signed Michael Jackson signed items on eBay. Of the 163 signed items 15 were PSA/DNA certified, 89 were reprinted signatures 48 were 100% forgeries, and only 14 others were 100% authentic with the rest being questionable. By 11:35 PM there were 675 signed Michael Jackson signed items on eBay with over 70% being 100% fake.

When purchasing a Michael Jackson autograph or any other signed item, the item should be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). COA’s are an important aspect in the process but buyers need to be careful. Anybody can issue a COA with an autograph item but this doesn’t mean that the item is 100% authentic. Who issues the COA is the most significant factor.The dealer standing behind this “guarantee’ should be reputable and offer a 100% lifetime guarantee as well as an invoice with their Name, Phone Number, Address and Website. You are always best purchasing from a IADA-CC or UACC Autograph Dealer. Do not make a mistake and buy a fake autograph,do your homework and ask a lot of question’s.

Michael Jackson was a great person and a very good [singer] but ask where, when, and how the signature was obtained.

If you are not sure, or you already own autographs and are not convinced that they are authentic? There are third party authentication services such as James Spence, P.A.A.S., Roger Epperson, and Al Wittnebert, that can examine your autographs and determine if they are 100% authentic. These authentication companies would then issue a Certificate of Authenticity. This Letter of Authenticity can help the buyer purchase with a little more confidence.

Always trust your instincts. Autographs and Sports memorabilia are sold all over and a great percent are not authentic. Do not get fooled by the price. If the price of an item is too low to be true, it usually is…

photo: iada-cc.com