Rallying ‘Round the Flagpole

Stiff punishment “not being allowed to walk during graduation.” They’d better put that car back together so at least they can drive…

Senior Prank
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May 2, 2009

Students at a Western Colorado High School arrived Thursday morning to find a car wrapped around the school”™s flag pole.


The car was cut in half and welded around the bottom of the flag pole, as a senior prank.

School officials say it”™s pretty creative, but are asking students to use their best judgment when attempting a prank.

“We don”™t want anything malicious, we don”™t want anything that singles out a person or our school in a negative way. We don”™t want anything that does permanent damage,” said Jody Mimmack, school principal.

Officials say the students responsible for the prank could face punishment, including not being allowed to walk during their graduation ceremony.