Purging The Purge

In the last two weeks, the Purge hoax has gone viral, causing alarm in numerous cities… again.

In July, 2014, after the premiere of The Purge 2 Anarchy (the sequel to The Purge, a sleeper hit movie in which for 12 hours all crime is legal without consequence), a humor website CreamBMP.com reported that “a group of teenagers re-enacting the plot of the film The Purge 2 in Chicago murdered over 112 people”. Read Chicago ‘Purge’ Murders on Snopes.com.


Then last week, a Louisville high school student tweeted what he thought was a joke: “Whos (sic) trying to get a Louisville Purge Started With Me?” and all hell broke loose. See this article posted by the Crimson Student Press detailing the story: Teen responsible for “Purge” hoax speaks up.


From there, both panic and humor have hit cities all over the country. See Additional Purge Warnings on Snopes.com.

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If There’s a Naked Kid with a Nerf Gun in Your Front Yard…

Goofiness Before Graduation: High-school seniors love pranks, but principals aren’t smiling
by Jane Hawes
The Columbus Dispatch
April 23, 2010

If there’s a naked kid with a Nerf gun in your front yard, chances are you live near an Olentangy high-school senior.

It’s that perilous time of year leading up to high-school graduation, but fear not. There are rules that even those in the grip of “senioritis” will obey.

“There’s no shooting when someone’s on the clock at work, or on school property at any time, or at church,” said Olentangy Liberty High School senior Joe Kon. “And you can’t get shot if you’re naked.” Continue reading “If There’s a Naked Kid with a Nerf Gun in Your Front Yard…”

Graduation Becomes a Minefield

Hole Diggers Attempt to Sabotage New Jersey Graduation
1010 WINS
June 19, 2009

minefield-200Linwood, N.J. (AP) — In recent years, the graduation ceremony at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood has seen some awkward moments.

In 2006 and 2008, school administrators cut off the microphone when students used their speeches to criticize the school.

On Friday, the school discovered that vandals dug about 25 holes in the football field where graduates were to gather in the evening, then covered them with sod. Principal Robert Blake says a student stepping into one could have injured an ankle or knee.

Blake says an investigation is under way to find out who did it and see that they’re prosecuted.

Custodians filled in the holes by midmorning and seniors held their graduation rehearsal without incident.

image: Silver Bear Cafe

Senior Pranks: Un-Merry Pranksters

Senior pranks aren’t what they used to be
by Laurel Walker
June 9, 2009

assville-200Oh, for the good ol’ days – when senior pranks were really clever and memorable, and when school administrators had the audacity to admire the good ones.

For all the hubbub those so-called pranks at Arrowhead and Brookfield East high schools produced last weekend – with different outcomes – I couldn’t help but long for a jaw-dropping, “how’d they ever do that?” caper. Harmlessness, above all else, must be a condition of the truly good prank, as should anonymity.

One of the best I remember was in June 1997 at Brookfield East High School, when someone managed to hoist a Pontiac 6000 overhead and parked it atop the school’s steel entry canopy. Among the worst, also at Brookfield East in 2004, students without an ounce of creativity thought an all-out food fight and dumping human feces on the floor made for a fine senior moment.

By comparison, the stunts that got the Waukesha County students in trouble last week were harmless enough, tame if not lame. Continue reading “Senior Pranks: Un-Merry Pranksters”

Rallying ‘Round the Flagpole

Stiff punishment “not being allowed to walk during graduation.” They’d better put that car back together so at least they can drive…

Senior Prank
Bits & Pieces.com
May 2, 2009

Students at a Western Colorado High School arrived Thursday morning to find a car wrapped around the school”™s flag pole.


The car was cut in half and welded around the bottom of the flag pole, as a senior prank.

School officials say it”™s pretty creative, but are asking students to use their best judgment when attempting a prank.

“We don”™t want anything malicious, we don”™t want anything that singles out a person or our school in a negative way. We don”™t want anything that does permanent damage,” said Jody Mimmack, school principal.

Officials say the students responsible for the prank could face punishment, including not being allowed to walk during their graduation ceremony.