Video Star: Remi PacMan

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Submitted by John Lundberg from (England’s crop circle makers):

Pac Man, starring Remi Gaillard of
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From Pac-Man Meets Reality, Chaos Ensues, by Earnest Cavalli, April 16, 2009:

French prankster Remi Gaillard strikes again, this time bringing the dot-chomping, ghost-fleeing action of arcade classic Pac-Man to the real world, much to the confusion and shock of bystanders.

You may recall Gaillard from his previous effort to bring Mario Kart to the streets of France. Like that prank, his newest is a deceptively high-concept gag that elegantly portrays the utterly ridiculous plots and settings of the gaming industry’s most beloved titles.

While the concept is nothing new — how many of you didn’t re-enact Super Mario Bros. as children? — the effort Gaillard puts into his pitch perfect costumes and surprisingly adept recreations of Pac-Man staples is very impressive. He certainly puts Hollywood’s myriad efforts to recreate gaming classics to shame.