NYC Village Will Be a Ghost Town for Halloween

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Boo! Village Halloween Parade to Make the Most of Ghosts
October 24, 2008

New York (AP) — A traditional theme has been chosen for this year’s Greenwich Village Halloween parade. But that’s not likely to put a damper on the event, which has a reputation for being proudly outlandish.

Previous paraders:

Puppeteers Superior Concept Monsters will lead the parade, drawing on a ghost theme.

Last year’s theme was “Wings of Desire.” But costumes varied widely — and wildly. There were phony prison inmates and priests; parodied politicians; even a box of condoms. One reveler went as a “Cereal killer”– a box of cereal punctured with plastic knives.

The parade started in 1973 as a neighborhood event. It now has thousands of marchers, floats and the giant puppets.

Anyone wearing a costume is allowed to march.