Yes We Chan!

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From Hrag Vartanian:

Hofstra Mag Behind Jackie Chan Campaign at Presidential Debate
October 21, 2008

I got this today from one of my commenters, which reveals the source of those great Jackie Chan signs at last U.S. Presidential debate in Long Island:

The Jackie Chan stuff was us. We are Nonsense Humor Magazine [their MySpace page], Hofstra University”™s Only Intentional Humor Magazine. Here is the official blog post about it:

I have to give it to them, they did a great job of culture jamming the assinine post-debate coverage. Here is another pic of their shenanigans featuring an awesome “I”™m Apathetic” sign.

Also, via their blog I discovered that a female student was holding a hilarious sign that suggested a hidden Sapphic life for VP candidate Sarah Palin:

[TV announcer Chris] Matthews”™s aid then asked what another sign one of our members was holding up meant. The sign in question said “I Scissored Sarah Palin“. An explanation was given, and hilarity ensued.