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dragan-dabic-stoji-200.jpgFrom Artnet News, July 31, 2008:

Media Artist in Karadzic Hoax

…Speaking of nihilistic art pranks from Eastern Europe, here”™s one that made it into the news section of the New York Times: A “media artist” who goes by the handle Tristan Dare managed to snare journalists by setting up a fake web page advertising the alternative medicine practice of Radovan Karadži?. Karadži?, of course, is currently facing charges of war crimes in the International Criminal Court for helping plot the slaughter of thousands of Bosnian Muslims in the “˜90s, and was recently apprehended in a Belgrade suburb, where he was posing as an alternative healer by the name of “Dr. Dragan David Dabic.” Apparently seeing an opportunity, the artist immediately registered the website www.dragandabic.com and put up a fake biography in Serbian and English.

A notably dry bit of satire, the deliberately bare-bones site describes “Dabic” as “one of the most prominent experts in the field of alternative medicine, bioenergy, and macrobiotic diet in the whole of the Balkans,” gives dubious biographic details and features a few photos of the long-haired fugitive giving lectures. It even specifies that he “eats locally produced organic, unprocessed natural food,” and lists his favorite Chinese proverbs (“Teacher opens the door, but you must enter by yourself,” etc.). Reached via email, Dare told the Times that false information from the site had appeared in stories by Agence France-Presse, Reuters and Le Monde, among others. “It was supposed to be believable,” he wrote.

image: dragandabic.com