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A Holiday to Remember in Bagdad, courtesy of Abidin Travels.

Abidin Travels

For your trip to Bagdad, follow the links for flights, car rental, hotels, tours, food, and more.

The Web site, part of Abel Abidin’s installation for the 2007 Venice Biennale is a multimedia virtual tour showing what life is like for Iraqis at this moment.

Helpful hints found on the Web site:

Nonverbal communication

  • Crying may be due to grief, anger or pain.
  • Smiling can mean that you are about to be robbed, murdered or that there is safety in numbers.
  • Do not trust anyone!
  • Useful items

  • Blanket & pillow to ensure comfortable waiting.
  • Large bucket, for collecting and carrying water.
  • Candles or a torch with extra batteries, for the times when electricity is unavailable.
  • Bulletproof vest, should also be stab-resistant.
  • Where to eat

  • If you want to go for breakfast somewhere, try to AVOID popular or crowded places. Go to the hidden cafes. We believe the best place to have breakfast is in your hotel room.
  • At lunchtime, Avoid the famous restaurants such as: Qasim Abu-AL-Qas Al-Reif. All good-quality restaurants are targeted. Again, go for the low-quality, hidden restaurants.
  • If you visit Baghdad during Ramadan. Never eat in public, it may be your last meal.
  • Avoid discussing religion in any form.
  • Do not entertain the thought of visiting a Mosque; you might be considered a spy for the opposing
    religious group.
  • Artwork & Concept © 2007 by Adel Abidin, who, born in Baghdad, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Site & Script realisation Boring-Group. via Gadget Technos