Buried McCain Story Surfaces

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From Election ’08, Public Service Administration:

Dedicated to those too squeamish to discuss an incident related to the temperament and character of a guy who’d like to be President.

McCain’s freaky-mean ’92 outburst is a well-sourced story found in Cliff Schecter’s book The Real McCain. Due to the particularly profane nature of the offense it would probably be useless to wait for the press to give it the full-on, endlessly repeating, 24-7 Reverend Wright treatment. So we’d love to help. Here is:

He Said It First

The uncensored version. A “safe for work” version is here.

The Public Service Administration is a group of LA-based comics and actors on politics.

Featuring veterans of MTV, ABC, NBC, The Daily Show, Second City Chicago, MAD TV, Reno 911, Current TV, and Showbiz Show With David Spade, they have been on CNN’s The Situation Room and Headline News, NPR, Nightline, and written up in Newsweek. Their work has been featured on sites from New York Times.com to Michelle Malkin, though privately they think Michelle Malkin is batshit insane.

From the Public Service Administration:
Andy Cobb
Josh Funk
Nyima Funk
Marc Evan Jackson
Mark Kienlen
David Pompeii
Marc Warzecha

Special Guests:
Woman: Aisha Kabia
Man: Jason Kelly
John McCain (VO): Phillip Wilburn
Dancing John McCain: Andy Sklar
Dancing Cindy McCain: Beth Crosby
Cindy McCain (VO): Beth Farmer

Many Thanks to:
Hal Soper
Principato & Young Entertainment

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