Chew the Right Thing

Submitted by Gloria Cohen:

Mini-Digest: New transgenic pigs, Wendy”™s
bird burgers, sodas with gas

The Ethicurean
April 1, 2008

The digest was contributed by Ethicurean buddy Barry Foy.

cacacola-2001.jpgStop busting my chops: Researchers at Texas A&M have introduced a genetically modified hog that has a pair of succulent jowls at each end. Targeted at the “foodie” market, the new animal provides twice the usual amount of the cut used to make gourmet guanciale. (Charcuterie Today)

Sing for your supper: Responding to studies linking the beef-cattle industry with deforestation, Wendy”™s plans to test-market a burger made of starlings. (News on the Wing)

Caca-Cola: The National Pork Producers Council and Coca-Cola have announced a joint venture to build facilities that will carbonate soft drinks using CAFO-sourced methane. The partners call the project “a dynamic, environmentally conscious approach to eliminating factory farming odors, which of course were never really a problem in the first place.” (

Who said Quakers are gentle?: Hot on the heels of the city”™s foie gras controversy, a panel convened by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has ruled that rolling is “gratuitously cruel” to grains, and plans to ban both oatmeal and granola in local restaurants. (Modern Kindness) Related: “Troubling” rise in bulimia among foie gras geese. (Gavage Collector)

What”™s your “tempeh footprint”? (Yo Soy Serene)

Raw milk effective against all allergies except raw milk (Alt.Dairy)

Salmon raised in “heavy water” last years without refrigeration (Fish Food Daily)

Grass-fed cows 36% more polite, says study (

Tasty seahorse casserole an “Eco No-No,” expert warns (Humanatee Journal)

Senate Farm Bill fight delayed for screening of “Caddy Shack” (Hill Herald)

Autistic livestock expert accidentally slaughtered (Chutes, Eats & Leaves)