Puppetry of the Penis Offers Stimulus Package

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For Immediate Release:

Get your unemployed ass back to work by taking advantage of the stimulus package

puppetryofthepenisOpen Audition to be held for all laid off Wall Streeters, AIG Staff and any other struggling members of the financial community

Tuesday, April 14
Beginning at 12 Noon
Comix (353 West 14 Street)
New York

As the unemployment numbers rise to an all-time high, the producers of the internationally acclaimed show Puppetry of the Penis, the Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami, will hold open auditions for its upcoming Res-Erection Tour and Private Parties. This audition is open to any member of the financial service community who has been laid off or anyone else in need of a stimulus package. Puppetry of the Penis is a bailout package that puts your financial future back into your own hands. Become a member of an elite group of performers and travel the world “dicking around.”

The auditions will be rigorous, but this time, they can keep their bonuses!! This is a stimulus that the every day man can feel right away – there will be no trickle down effect here. Penis puppeteers should come with a flexible working attitude and be prepared to leave your pants and shame at the door.

Beginning at noon, auditioners will get a brief Masters Class in the Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami by the original Penis Puppeteer Simon Morley and should be ready to demonstrate their newly acquired skills. Puppetry of the Penis is an equal opportunity employer and will audition both circumcised and uncircumcised genital origami hopefuls. Participants must have own equipment.

To reserve your place in the audition and to receive your information kit please email puppetryauditions@gmail.com.

Show Details:

Puppetry of the Penis is a non-sexual adult show.

Puppetry of the Penis Res-erection Tour Returns to NYC after 7 Years Wednesday, April 22 at 7:30 at Comix, 353 West 14th Street, NYC
Tickets can be purchased by calling 212-524-2500 or by visiting www.comixny.com

Staring Simon Morley and Justin Morley, Puppetry of the Penis, requires astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and an amazing level of testicular fortitude. Puppetry of the Penis leaves women and men gasping with more than 40 heroic and hilarious penis installations including the Pelican, The Windsurfer, The Eiffel Tower, Loch Ness Monster, and the signature installation, the Hamburger.

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