Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies

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By NeonBunny:

Call for Art/Music in San Francisco:
Themed Collage/Sample/Culture Jams

February 11, 2008:

NeonBunnyI am part of a collective that has been producing a community based culture jam event in San Francisco on March 22nd, Easter Eve.

And yes, we’re a theme party with the theme of bunnies. And we’re one of those theme parties that takes our theme and shoves it so far down people’s throats, they’re pooping our theme out for weeks.

It’s all about bunnies, easter, spring, and all the sugar coated cultural references that go along with it (this year, St. Patricks day is the same weekend as Easter, so we’ve added that as or sub-theme).

In keeping with our theme, we are seeking out new and original content.

Audio: Performance and music based artists that explore culture jamming. (And while we do love normal dj dance music like house and trance, it’s not really what we’re going for. We’d much rather have people say “wft????” than “aw, that’s some funky beats I can dance too”. Although, if you can combine it into “wtf??? This music is so weird, but yet, I can not stop dancing!”, then you score an A+)

Visual: We are lacking on floor space this year. Our venue does not have any big open areas, but instead has lots of little nooks and crannies (we’re more of a warren/cave like space than a big warehouse space). A big installation that would take up a 20′ x 20′ space, not gonna work. The type of thing that would work at the end of a hallway, and becomes a hidden discovery that people will remember for years to come, that will work. Interactive, performance, wall hanging art with a bunny theme, we love you!

If you think you might be the type of artist who creates content that would fit our vision, please email me sfaaron26@yahoo.com so we can talk further, or send me a message here.