The Fakest Time of the Year: The 2007 Falsies Awards

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From the Center for Media and Democracy at

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the year that the Falsies Awards have truly arrived!

2007 Falsies AwardsHere at the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), we’ve dearly treasured our Falsies since we gave the first awards out in 2004. After 12 months of reporting on the cynical, manipulative and just plain anti-democratic pollution of our information environment, we love adding an extra dash of humor to our work. But this year’s Falsies Awards are extra super special.

Why, you ask? Well, more people responded to our Falsies Awards survey than ever before. Thanks to the more than 1,400 people who took part! Our Falsies are your Falsies, too.

In addition, this year marks the first time there was an organized campaign in favor of one of our Falsies Awards nominees. To find out who was stuffing our Falsies survey, read on.