Pangea Day Needs Your Videos

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Pangea is asking people around the world to create short, powerful films that deal with universal themes, such as food, home, water, laughter, sorrow, hope, landscape, despair and joy. Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim and a jury of top filmmakers will select films to be featured on Pangea Day, May 10, 2008. Here is the trailer for this event:

Two weeks before the US invaded Iraq in 2003, Jehane Noujaim gained access to both Al Jazeera and the US military’s Central Command offices in Qatar. By being in the right place at that very wrong time, she caught the onset and outbreak of the Iraq war on film. The resulting documentary, Control Room, exposed the very divergent ways the Arabs and the West covered the war.

When she was awarded the 2006 TED Prize, filmmaker Jehane Noujaim expressed a wish: a global acceptance of diversity, mediated through the power of film. (Watch her speech)

The project is taking off, and its ambition level is spectacular. On May 10, 2008 – Pangea Day – Jehane”™s wish will come to fruition as sites in New York City, Rio, London, Dharamsala, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Kigali will be video-conferenced live to produce a 4-hour program of powerful films – supplemented by visionary speakers, and global musicians. The purpose: to use the power of film to promote better understanding of our common humanity. A global audience will watch through the Internet, television, digital cinemas, and mobile phones.

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