Lost Film Fest

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From Evil Twin Booking Agency Web site:


Lost Film Fest is a live multimedia performance hosted and narrated by VJ Scott Beibin. The roadshow travels the globe almost 200 days a year doing programs in multiple countries in multiple languages.

Lost Film Fest has been traveling the globe since 1999 featuring the newest short video clips and banned hard-to-find footage from around the world… Some people say it”™s like the film equivalent of an underground dance party with all the chaos and energy. It”™s probably the only film fest with an FBI file.

You”™re sure to see a new show each time featuring pranks vs. corporations, riot porn, pie fights with cops, culture jamming. and more from folks like The Yes Men, Guerrilla News Network, & TV Sheriff. Loads of new and original stuff you can”™t yet find on the internet and especially TV.

More than just a film screening, Lost Film Fest is live multimedia performance. A give and take experience, Scott Beibin spins the films in the same way a DJ spins records, and narrates the scoop with hidden histories, and behind the scenes info. The program is a barrage of scathing and hilarious short blasts of social commentary and hot amateur protest footage from around the world.

Check out the upcoming screenings and the 2007 Tour Lineup here.

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