Fresh Juice Party Announces FUBAR for Valentine’s Day

From Fresh Juice Party:

California Group Mails Chocolate Corpses for Valentines


Instead of sending a chocolate heart this Valentine’s, send the entire mutilated body! The limited edition FUBAR comes in both white and milk chocolate and is decorated to depict an American soldier’s corpse returning from war. FUBARs are packaged in refrigerated, flag-wrapped coffins, equipped with hidden sound devices which play the FUBAR Memorial Theme Music when opened. The group has posted this music video that demonstrates these features for those who will not be receiving one of their own.

Who will the lucky recipients be?

Naomi Pitcairn, an FJP founding member says these limited edition candy bars have been sent to “5000 different people, all of whom we believe deserve them” and suggests that the President, former presidents and their cabinet members, bush cabinet members, generals, arms industry executives and international leaders who send young men and women off to war check their mail on the 14th.


The term FUBAR is derived from the WWII acronym, “Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition/Reason.” Pitcairn anticipates that people might see the metaphor as a cruel and tasteless joke. However, Fresh Juice Part insists that “FUBAR tastes delicious and this is far from a joking matter.”

All people who are interested in making donations can send them directly to Peace Action West, 2201 Broadway, Ste 321, Oakland, CA 94612

Although tasty, FUBARs are not meant for human consumption

Fresh Juice Party is best known for interrupting President Obama at a fundraiser to sing a protest song about the unconstitutional treatment of Whistleblower, Private Bradley Manning. They also produced an album of protest songs, held a Whistleblower’s Conference at Cal Berkeley and produced the Chalkupy event which has received some public attention.

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