Paris: “Oy Chihuahua!”

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Exclusive for! Paris Hilton’s Prison Diary!
Day 18

Dear Diary,

cocopuppy2200.jpgOMG I just don’t know who to give my post prison interview to! It’s a bidding war out there. I’ll make million easy from just one lousy interview. You know this jailbird thing is really paying off. Then there’s the book and the movie. Eliot was right, this is a good career move. Just like when Elvis died. Oh and I lost weight! I was feeling fat so I stopped eating and like over night lost the fat. The food here pretty much sucks ass. Sometimes they let me order in, but not if it gets me fat. I am so psyched to get out of the slammer, I’m counting the days, cos I can now, just a few left. IF I get out for good behavior. Which I have been very good. No partying, or hanky panky, I mean with who? Definately not with the BDB guard!! She told me I need to gain weight! What is wrong with her?? It’s really weird you know? I have never been so alone and by myself, this is like the biggest time out ever. And I have been thinking, I mean really rolling a few things around in my head, so that should make that prick of a judge happy. It’s like having to focus, for a while on one thing so it really sinks in. I can’t wait to see my dogs, I forgot about them and now I miss Tinkerbell 3 or is it 4?