Our Favorite Pranks by KDM and CLM

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We take our pranks pretty seriously, so we’ve made up some prank guidelines:

1. When it”™s over, everyone should laugh together. It should be fun, but no one should feel like they were made fun of.

2. Try to make it funny. I”™ve given up on trying to change the world, now I just go for the laugh.

3. Take pictures or video of the whole process, but remember that this can be used against you. Especially if it”™s something that makes your parents mad.

4. Be careful about which pranks you play at school. You can really get in trouble.

5. Make sure they are safe. It”™s a bad prank if someone gets hurt.

Here’s the first in our series of illustrated pranks:

You know how at family gatherings, people always take a group picture, and you have to set the camera on the timer. If you are the photographer, get everyone lined up, press the shutter, and then when you are walking to your place in the shot, pretend to spot something on the floor, and bend over to pick it up. This way, your butt is right in front of the camera, and your whole family is either laughing or yelling at you to stop. It’s hilarious.


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