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Announcing the 2016 Ig Noble Awards

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Organized by the Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Noble Awards offer ponderous hilarity every year without fail.

From Collecting Flies to Putting Pants on Rats, Here Is This Year”™s Ig Nobel-Winning Research
by Mark Pratt
September 22, 2016

ig-nobel-awards-2016(BOSTON) “” A Swede who wrote a trilogy about collecting bugs, an Egyptian doctor who put pants on rats to study their sex lives and a British researcher who lived like an animal have been named winners of the Ig Nobels, the annual spoof prizes for quirky scientific achievement.

The winners were honored “” or maybe dishonored “” Thursday in a zany ceremony at Harvard University.

The 26th annual event featured a paper airplane air raid and a tic-tac-toe contest with a brain surgeon, a rocket scientist and four real Nobel laureates.

Winners receive $10 trillion cash prizes “” in virtually worthless Zimbabwean money. Read more here and here.

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs

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Mediocre Films has some fun with (and at the expense of) the Free Hugs guy:

Hidden cameras: Jenni Powell, Jason Boggs, & Michele Dunn

The original Free Hugs Campaign dates back to 2004 when an Australian man known only by the pseudonym “Juan Mann” made up a Free Hugs sign and started hugging any takers. View the original Free Hugs Campaign video here, with music by Sick (viewed by over 42 million people):

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