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NSA: No Laughing Matter

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From Miso:

The parody shirt the NSA doesn”™t want you to wear
by Kevin Collier, originally from The Daily Dot
August 30, 2013

The politically themed T-shirt company Liberty Maniacs is in hot water for its latest spoof design


The Daily Dot: Two days after the world learned the National Security Agency logs practically every American phone call, the agency had started cracking down on entrepreneurs who made fun of it.

That”™s according to Dan McCall, founder of politically themed T-shirt company Liberty Maniacs.

On June 5, the Guardian posted the first of many documents, leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden, that detail NSA”˜s spy practices. Two days later, McCall put up a handful of T-shirts and bumper stickers for sale on the custom goods marketplace Zazzle, which distributes most of Liberty Maniacs”™ goods. Each of those items had the NSA logo, plus a common joke as a slogan: “The only part of the government that actually listens.” (more…)