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Bare-Assed Pedaling for a Change

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World Naked Bike Ride Day, a recurring sight gag with a message of self-care and sustainability, streaks through Philly.

“Thousands of Naked Bicyclists Storm the City of Brotherly Love”
by Dino Hazell
September 10, 2016

AP Photo: Dino Hazell

Thousands of bicyclists dared to be bare for the city’s annual nude ride promoting positive body image, cycling advocacy and fuel conservation.

About 3,000 people gathered Saturday for the eighth annual Philly Naked Bike Ride through the city’s streets. They set off from a park near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Sylvester Stallone ran up the steps in the “Rocky” movies.

The annual ride featured people sporting underwear, body paint, glitter or nothing at all. Some riders concerned about being recognized by their parents or co-workers wore masks while others wore just their shoes.

“It’s a really open and fun way of destigmatizing nudity,” said Oren Eisenberg, who was riding nude for the fifth time. (more…)

Improv Everywhere: Rocky in Real Life

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From Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere:

Rocky in Real Life – Movies in Real Life (Episode 2)

For our latest mission we traveled to Philadelphia to recreate Rocky”™s epic run in real life.


The video takes inspiration from the training montages in both Rocky and Rocky II, and the final sequence includes a mob of 100 kids between the ages of 8 and 15 running with Rocky up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This project is the first in our new series, Movies in Real Life. Every Tuesday this fall, we”™re releasing a new video that brings an iconic movie moment to life in the real world. The series is created in the style of our 2010 Star Wars and Ghostbusters videos.

Mission report with more photos.

Created and Directed by Charlie Todd, Produced by: Deverge, Music by Tyler Walker, Cast: Dan Black as Rocky.

More info on Improv Everywhere