Improv Everywhere: Indiana Jones in Real Life

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From Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere:

Indiana Jones In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 2)


For our latest mission we recreated the famous boulder chase scene from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark in New York”™s Central Park. A man dressed as Indiana Jones ran through the park with the golden idol as he was chased by a man in an enormous custom-built boulder costume. The chase started in Central Park”™s Ramble, a wooded area that resembles the location from the film. The chase continued through more populated parts of the park, surprising tourists and sun-bathing New Yorkers alike. The project ended with Indy attempting to return the idol to the American Museum of Natural History.

This project is part of our new series, Movies in Real Life. Every Tuesday, we”™re releasing a new video that brings an iconic movie moment to life in the real world.

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