Russian Police Intolerance for Pasta Cooking Implements

8 ‘Pastafarians’ Detained in Moscow During Unsanctioned ‘Pasta Procession’
RIA Novosti
August 18, 2013


MOSCOW, August 17 – A “pasta procession” by the Russian followers of the not-so-serious Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was dispersed in Moscow on Saturday by riot police and Orthodox activists, the prankster movement said.

The Moscow police press service told RIA Novosti that eight “Pastafarians” were detained for “attempting to hold an unsanctioned rally.”

The Church, that also calls its flock Pastafarian, was created in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, a self-described “hobo” from Oregon, according to the movement”™s website.

pastafarian hatsPastafarians wear sieves on their heads, worship The Flying Spaghetti Monster and believe that their religion was founded by pirates, their website says. They consider every Friday a religious holiday and do not take themselves seriously, it says. Continue reading “Russian Police Intolerance for Pasta Cooking Implements”