War of the Worlds Revisited [English & Spanish]

Submitted by journalist Mike Ibanez based on his article published in Cultura/s, October 31, 2008:

In 1991, an episode of the TV 2 show Camaleà³ (Chameleon), called La Mort [The Death] became a small War of the Worlds. About 1/3 of the way through the show, the drama was interrupted by a special news bulletin announcing that a coup d’état was in progress in the USSR. It was staged so well that other spanish media – TV, radio, etc – broadcast the (fake) news. And the confusion started (the news bulletin begins at approximately 8:30)…

The program was cancelled, however, reality is sometimes stranger than fiction, and 6 months later there was an actual coup d’état in the USSR against Gorbachov just as Camaleà³ has predicted. Here is Mike’s article in Spanish:

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