Morally Outraged Hackers Publish Ashley Madison Secrets

Red Woman's LipsThe hackers responsible for stealing supposedly secure data from Ashley Madison, the website for married people looking for extramarital trysts, appear to have a conscience. They’re moralists. But not about their actions.

Kim Zetter of Wired reports, “The hackers deflected responsibility for any damages or repercussions that victims of the breach and data dump may suffer.”


Read Kim’s whole Wired article here

Love in the Dumps

Here’s a Superbowl video to promote, aka, a dating site for the romantically hopeless.

Offerings on the site include:

  • Dysfunction Junction: A series of interconnected visual stories, often featuring Love in the Dumps members.
  • Impersonals: read ’em or create your own
  • Baggage Claim: What better place to unload your issues, neuroses, or anything else weighing you down? Drop off your baggage here, and watch it spin round and round.
  • Bitch Wispers: Street fashion sites like The Satorialist are way too nice. Take fashionistas to task in Bitch Whispers!
  • Shrinking the Shrink, featuring Dr. Damage
  • via, thanks Steff