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Total Bull Shit?

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Cow farts taxed in Denmark
by David Masters
February 13, 2009

bull-shit-200Farmers in Denmark could end up being taxed for the greenhouse gas emissions produced by their cows and pigs following new proposals from the country”™s tax authorities.

The Denmark Tax Commission estimates that each cow produces around 4 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year – 1.3 tonnes more than the average passenger car.

Cows release methane from their stomach gases via burps and flatulence – a gas that is over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the earth”™s atmosphere.

Danish farmers, however, aren”™t too impressed at the proposals.

Steen Nà¸rgaard, a farmer near Holstebro in Jutland, said the tax would increase his costs by one million Danish kronor every year.

“Cows burp and emit gas from the other end irrespective of whether there is a tax or not,” Nà¸rgaard said. (more…)