Creative Beds

Here are some hilarious and fascinating beds. To see more, check out the 15 Most Creative Beds from

The Hamburger Bed (technically, a cheeseburger), by Kayla Kromer of Austin, Texas

The Hamburger Bed

Quantum Sleeper, the “anti-terrorist” bed: Polycarbonate Bulletproof Plating/Shielding, Bio-Chemical Filtered Ventilation, Rebreather, One way see through head cover (reflective mirror on 2 sides and front), Proximity Sensor, O2 Sensor, Smoke Det., Motion Det., Emergency Communication system (Cellular, Short-wave Radio, CB), Air/Water Tight Sealing, and… Battery Backup Power

Quantum Sleeper

Magnetic Floating Bed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, with enough magnets to keep it floating and tethers to keep it from floating away…

magnetic Floating Bed

BedUP, the Ceiling Bed, by Decadrages. It suspends from the ceiling and comes down like an elevator to take you to dreamland Continue reading “Creative Beds”