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Mitt Romney’s “You’re Fired” Prank

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As seen on Phatman and Little Boy:

Romney says he’s not running for ‘Pastor in Chief,’ discusses prankster reputation

…The former Massachusetts governor also discussed his reputation as a prankster.

Romney has apologized in recent days for what he described as high school “hijinks” — after a Washington Post story claimed he had cut a fellow student’s hair while attending school decades ago. Romney, though, has said he doesn’t recall that specific incident and the family of the alleged victim, who has since died of cancer, has disputed the accuracy of the story.

In the CBN interview, Romney explained some of his more common pranks — like “short sheeting” a bed, which is when the sheets in a bed are folded improperly to make it impossible for the person in the bed to stretch out.

“We have in our family of course, a number of things that we do like pushing people out of a boat, short sheeting their bed, putting corn flakes in their bed, a lot of jokes and tricks that we play among ourselves,” Romney said.

The candidate said he once had a state trooper who short-sheeted his bed once — but explained how he returned the prank. (more…)