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Framed by a Computer Virus

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Framed for child porn _ by a PC virus
by Jordan Robertson
November 9, 2009

child-p-200Of all the sinister things that Internet viruses do, this might be the worst: They can make you an unsuspecting collector of child pornography.

Heinous pictures and videos can be deposited on computers by viruses – the malicious programs better known for swiping your credit card numbers. In this twist, it’s your reputation that’s stolen.

Pedophiles can exploit virus-infected PCs to remotely store and view their stash without fear they’ll get caught. Pranksters or someone trying to frame you can tap viruses to make it appear that you surf illegal Web sites.

Whatever the motivation, you get child porn on your computer – and might not realize it until police knock at your door.

An Associated Press investigation found cases in which innocent people have been branded as pedophiles after their co-workers or loved ones stumbled upon child porn placed on a PC through a virus. It can cost victims hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove their innocence. (more…)

Newton Virus, by Troika

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Update submitted by Jenny Bergstrà¶m at Troika, July 3, 2009:

Troika_NewtonVirusOutNow-200The Newton Virus has been launched and is available for download. Here’s how it works:

Named after the father of modern mechanics, it introduces Newton’s principle law to your laptop, literally causing your desktop to behave exactly as it would in the real world. Using the Mac’s onboard motion sensors, the virus translates the users movements; causing your desktop icons to fall, roll and tumble in whatever direction your laptop is held.

But not to worry, the non-destructive virus will not replicate itself, mail itself to your friends or destroy any of your files, but instead provides you with moments of blissful surprise and magic. Perfect for spicing up your colleagues day or simply enjoying the marvels of Newtonian principles at work.

And, here’s a new video: