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Franco & Eva Avatars

Franco and Eva Mattes are, in their own words, “a couple of restless European con-artists who use non-conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort.”

Their current work, involves a synthetic performance in the 3D online digital world of Second Life.

Joseph Beuys"™ 7000 Oaks

A past project called Nikeground, or, as their Web site says, “The Hardly Believable Nike Ground Trick,” was a “hyper-real theatrical performance”.

Nikeground Monument

“For this work,” explains Eva Mattes, their spokeswoman “We wanted to use the entire city as a stage for a huge urban performance, a sort of theatre show for an unaware audience/cast. We wanted to produce a collective hallucination capable of altering people’s perception of the city in this total, immersive way.”

It is mentioned in this video teaser for an upcoming documentary Culture Jamming – Media Actionism In The 21st Century, directed by David Schwertgen:

For more about this and other projects, visit 0100101110101101.org.