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April Fools’ Day 2015 Prank Round-up

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April Fools’ day is upon us and the Internet is awash with well-funded corporate pranks, with Google once again leading the pack. For example, check out Google reversed at And, the Google Japan Panda product launch here. Or, you can play Pac-Man on your very own street at

And, oh… Google says Australia is moving north

Beyond the all-seeing, all-knowing world of Google, there’s much, much more funny stuff all of which will be updated throughout the day on The Telegraph’s Best Spoofs and Pranks in Pictures; LifeHacker’s April Fools’ Day 2015 Spoilers: All The Fake Stories And Pranks Revealed; and Gamespot’s Video Game Joke Roundup.

2014 April Fools’ Day Pranks: For Love AND Money

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It’s already April Fools’ Day somewhere:

1. Google is seeking the world’s best Pokemon Master:

Google Maps Pokémon Challenge-425

Watch the video:

2. USA Today reports on some of this year’s April Fools’ brand PR stunts, including Cheetos perfume; Matching outfits for people & their pets by American Eagle Outfitters; Bras for cats from True & Co; BuildDirect’s edible chocolate flooring; Eagle caught salmon from FreshDirect; USB powered finger-sized irons for your underwear from Fruit of the Loom; Tic Tac’s shakeless packs for your mints, because “No shake, no share”


3. The Pirate Bay kicks off April Fools”™ Day early, announces device to “˜embrace your entire mind”™

“After years of being driven from domain to domain, and finally into the cloud, TPB is making its final move”¦. into your mind.”

In cooperation with russian, israeli and japanese neuro scientists, we are developing a device that will embrace your entire mind. Using laser projections directly onto the retina it”™ll no longer be any resolution but 100%. The sound will be delivered in a range from 12Hz to 79kHz and will cancel all noise from the outside world.

4. Lifehacker presents: April Fools’ Day 2014 Spoilers: All The Geek Pranks Revealed, including Pet-Fi, wireless service powered by your pet kinetic energy and a dating site that matches couples based on their shopping habits.

April Fools’ Day 101

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April Fools’ Day Prank Products: From Self-inflating Whoopie Cushions To ‘I’m A Douche’ Coffee Mugs
by David Moye
The Huffington Post
March 31, 2013


For some people, April Fools’ Day is a day to say, “whoopie” — as in cushion.

Celebrated since medieval times, the humorous holiday is perfect for those people who want to get a rise out of friends, family — or even authoritarian figures who have tortured them the other 364 days of the year.

“It’s an excuse to vent frustrations, and be playful and harmless,” according to prank artist Joey Skaggs, whose specializes in fooling the media into printing outrageous stories.

One year, Skaggs convinced major New York newspapers that he’d created a “cathouse for dogs,” where pooches could get sexually gratified by a “savory” assortment of “hot bitches”; another time, he was a guest on Good Morning America, where he posed as the leader of a group of ex military commandos who were now helping dieters as the “Fat Squad,” a team that would physically restrain fat people, to keep them from breaking their diets. (more…)