Ask The Fiddler #2: Bird Watching in Afghanistan

fiddlerEditor’s Note: We often receive questions on a variety of prank-hoax-scam related topics. Readers want an assessment of the validity of news reports or web site information, or they suspect a received email is a scam. Some are looking for moral or immoral support for their prank ideas. So, we are pleased to provide a new service, Ask The Fiddler, a lifestyle advice column that may remedy more chaos and confusion than it creates. Questions may be submitted to us here at Art of the Prank, and good luck.

Dear Fiddler:

Now that the U.S. mission is accomplished and all is peaceful in Afghanistan, my friend and I want to head over there to do some bird-watching. Do you have any suggestions to make our trip more enjoyable?

Phil in Pennsylvania.

Dear Phil,

An intriguing choice of destination. As it turns out, the Afghans have a similar hobby. It”™s called drone-watching.

You may want to do just a tad more research regarding your notion that the U.S. is leaving under tranquil conditions. Let”™s say for the sake of tourism risk analysis that a range of one to ten starts at 1) “a picnic,” and concludes at 10) “you must be nuts.” Afghanistan is an 11.

More on that later.

hoopoe-200Likely you want to know what kind of birds to watch. May I suggest a notable local resident, the Hoopoe, also known as Upupa Epops.

Readily identified by its crown of feathers, it can also be recognized by it peculiar call, “oop-oop-oop.”

Among distinguishing characteristics of the Hoopoe is its ability to direct a stream of feces at a predator.

True fact.

But let”™s talk about your plan in general. Continue reading “Ask The Fiddler #2: Bird Watching in Afghanistan”