Norman Savage, RIP

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Norman Savage was a poet, author, friend and long-time co-conspirator. In addition to participating in performance pieces, he also doubled as me, even though we didn’t look or sound at all alike, on numerous occasions.

He was always game for some sly fun.

Here’s a brief journey through some of our hijinks together.

In 1986, Norman played the part of a diet commando in my Fat Squad hoax, where you could take out a contract on yourself and commandos would keep you on your diet.

In 1988, when Entertainment Tonight asked me to appear for a story promising the inside scoop on great hoaxes and hoaxers—how the news media falls for their stories, what to watch out for, and how not to be fooled—I sent Norman to appear as me.

In 1990, Norman played a “Hair Today, Ltd” scalp donor in a photo taken for Mark Dery’s article “The Merry Pranksters and the Art of the Hoax” in The New York Times.

In 1991, the TV quiz show, “To Tell The Truth” invited me to appear. I set Norman up with a fake ID and sent him to California to appear as me, fooling the show that was trying to fool their contestants.

In 2005, Norman again appeared as me when a British host Danny Wallace invited me to appear on his Danny Wallace Hoax Files show for an interview about pranking the media. This turned into a cat & mouse game when Danny tried to prank me, while I and Norman were pranking him.

In 2004, Norman appeared in Bush!, my faux pro-President Bush parade on the 4th of July.

In 2014, he and his brother Bobby worked with me on the Tiny Top Circus event where Bigfoot escaped.

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