Now You Can Say “Kiss My Sweet Ass” and Mean It in the Nicest Way

Perfect gift for the real asshole in your life…

You Can Now Buy A Chocolate Mold Of Your Partner\”™s Anus (Or Your Own), Just In Time For The Holidays

If you\”™re looking for something to say, \”I love you, happy holidays!!\” why not get a chocolate mold of your anus and gift it to your boo? Or, grab a mold of your significant other\”™s behind to show them just how much you adore their poop shoot. While it seems a bit crazy, and a bit #fakenews, this is the real deal, y\”™all. If you\”™re as obsessed with your partner\”™s ass as they are with yours, show them the right way by making it edible. Edible Anus, a company that specializes in \”“ you guessed it \”“ edible anus\”™, will send you a box of three chocolate butts for only $10. Magnus Irvin, the owner of Edible Anus, is clearly onto something here.