Flappybird Photo Hijack

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In case you think the risque photos on your Android phone are secure…

Hackers plotted fake Flappy Bird app to steal girls”™ photos from Android phones
by Graham Cluley
September 6, 2014

Next time you install an app on your phone, you”™d best think twice if it asks permission to access your photos.

As The Guardian reports, following a tweet from security researcher Nik Cubrilovic, the very same hackers who merrily collected naked photos of more than 100 female celebrities, including Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, had plotted a variety of dirty tricks to increase their haul.

At least one hacker openly posted on the AnonIB image board, proposing what he called a “genious” idea:

I have developed a flappybird clone. Hear me out. I.. modded.. the app.

It now secretly downloads all of the phones pictures to my server when the game is running.

Such a scheme, if put into operation, would not just be a risk for celebrities of course. Anybody who had photographs on their smartphone which they wanted to remain private would be at risk if they installed the app. Read the rest of this article here.