Murder By Bay Breezes, by John Elvin

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Murder-By-Bay-Breezes-187x300John Elvin, aka W.J. Elvin III, whose columns and other contributions have often graced these pages (see Literateye and Ask the Fiddler for starters), is the author of Murder By Bay Breezes, a newly published mystery novel.


Who killed Sammy Sanchez? Andy Holliday, recently signed on as feature writer for a travel magazine, is off to the Lower Eastern Shore, an off-the-beaten track region beside the Chesapeake Bay. But a piece-of-cake assignment takes a murderous twist. With sardonic wit and investigative skills forged in his clouded past, Holliday digs for secrets concealed by quirky, stubborn cranks, bumbling crooks and other peculiar characters.

Review from reader, Richard Lapidus:

This is one of the best mysteries I’ve read in several years. The main character is a hoot! He is witty, sarcastic, a newspaper man forced by circumstances to take a job he really doesn’t want. He’s not a detective, but the investigator inside him can’t leave the murder of a teenage boy unsolved. It’s a fun read, with much local color from the east coast. I can’t wait for the next in the series. Andy Holliday rocks!

Check it out at GunBoss Books and on FaceBook.