Britain and U.S. Intelligence Punked by Punks

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The British Punk Band That Fooled Reagan, Thatcher And The CIA
by Nico Hines
Daily Beast
January 4, 2014

How a small British punk band fooled Reagan, Thatcher, the MI6, and American spies.

The U.S. government blamed the KGB; British intelligence agencies pointed the finger at Argentine spies. They couldn”™t have been further from the truth.

Crass band member

The full story of a hoax recording of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher can now be disclosed after a raft of secret documents were declassified in London. A crackly tape purporting to capture a confrontational phone call between Reagan and Thatcher in 1982 was created as a prank in the Essex bedroom of an English punk band, and yet we now know it was being analyzed by the British Prime Minister and top officials in Washington years later.

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