Alien Jellyfish Hoax

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From Joe King:

The ‘alien jellyfish’ WAS a hoax!
by Ellie Zolfagharifard and Sarah Griffiths

Glowing creature in Bristol harbour turns out to be publicity stunt for a TV programme


Videos of light appeared on YouTube with many claiming it to be an ‘alien’

Biologists suggested it may be a marine salp which has drifted off course

But it turns out the ‘alien’ creature was placed in the harbour to promote a new TV programme about magic that will air on Watch.

…The guerrilla campaign was created to launch a new show called “˜The Happenings”™ on Watch, which features the magicians “˜Barry and Stewart”™ and is made by the producers of Derren Brown.

…It launches on Monday December 9 at 9pm on Watch.

Read the rest of this article and watch the video here.