No Woman, No Drive

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From Naomi:

‘No Woman, No Drive’ Is This Year’s Best Saudi Driving Protest Song
by Michael Ballaban
October 26, 2013

No Woman, No Drive video

Saudi Arabia has some of the most repressive laws against women in the entire world, prohibiting them from even sitting behind the wheel of a car. Today, brave women across Saudi Arabia are protesting those laws by simply by driving, and brave comedians are protesting by making absolutely hilarious songs.

It’s not strictly illegal, per se, for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, but they just won’t let you get a driver’s license unless you have what they consider to be the requisite equipment between the legs. So that makes it illegal, to the tune of ten lashes. Yes, ten lashes.

Saudi comedian Hisham Fageeh posted the excellent “No Woman, No Drive” today to bring more attention to the plight of women in the Middle Eastern country. It’s not only sarcastic and sharp, but relevant as well, with references to the new and absurd claim that driving might damage one’s ovaries.

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