Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift

From David Strom:

Comedian Gives TED Talks The Pranking They Desperately Deserve
by Adrian Chen
October 10, 2013

Everyone is annoyed by TED Talks these days, those vacuum-sealed idea nuggets. So comedian Sam Hyde sneaking onto an (independently organized) TEDx program at Drexel University last weekend and delivering this incomprehensible 20 minute talk on the “2070 paradigm shift” must be seen as a symbolic victory in the war on bullshit, even if it gets kind of old after minute 10. (Which is, I think, part of the joke.)

The best part: “What inspire me, is teaching African refugees how to program Javascript. What inspires me is finding out how to use MagLev trains to get resources to the moon. These are the challenges that tomorrow’s going to face.”

How did Hyde, who is a fairly notorious weird comedian and part of the sketch troupe Million Dollar Extreme, get on the program?

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