The Not-So-Friendly Skies of United Airlanes

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Parody United ‘Airlanes’ Twitter Account Hilariously Spoofs Airline, Passengers
by Ryan Grenoble
The Huffington Post
August 7, 2013


People who say comedy is the best stress reliever have never mistakenly reached out to a parody twitter account in their time of need.

For instance, those who mistakenly tweet to @UnitedAirlanes instead of United’s official twitter account, @United, fail to realize their mistake and are likely left far more upset than before.

Apparently, the person behind the parody United account created it in May of 2012, then forgot about it. In July of this year, it was revived, with this explanation posted to a Tumblr associated with the account:

Found out last night that for months, angry customers have been tweeting at my fake parody airline account, United Airlanes, to bitch about their experiences with United Airlines. God has given me a great, beautiful funnel through which angry people flow in the worst possible mood.

And, so far, it has very much lived up to our expectations, right down to the micro-bio, which helpfully explains, “Airplanes are just magic we don’t understand yet.”

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