Art Moves — The Festival of Art on Billboards

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Artists are invited to prepare an artwork in response to this year”™s competition theme “Where is the meaning? At the top or at the bottom?”

We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality. Our festival is organized by artists in close co-operation with other artists.

There is no entry fee. The Competition is open and all artists interested in billboard art are invited to take part. The works should be submitted by the 20th July, 2012 via electronic mail to the address:

10 most interesting works will be displayed on billboards in the city space during the Art Moves Festival in September /October 2012 in Torun, Poland. The author of the most interesting work will receive the Main Award in the amount of PLN 12.000 (about EUR 2.850, USD 3.700).

The competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor of all the processes taking place in the world at the moment. We live in the time of crisis and we perceive it as a disease of sorts – a disease, we would like to treat as quickly as we can. On the other hand this “disease” can be the only chance for us to slow down a bit in our fast-paced world and think again about where we are heading and why we chose this particular direction. Are we happy with the way the reality we created works? Are we reaching for the top or for the bottom? Are we happy with the goals we are setting for ourselves? Are these goals ours or are they imposed on us? Where is the meaning? Can it be placed on a map? Has it evaporated? Does the meaning of our existence lie in the constant maximization of profit, accumulation of goods, consumption, wealth, being on top? Or can it be found in escaping, isolating oneself, denying reality, hiding and living in the middle of nowhere? Or maybe, it is better to find new solutions that would allow us to make a better use of the goods created and developed by humanity and use them so that they help us be happier, have better relationships with people, take care of ourselves, our loved ones and reality? How can we find a satisfactory solution? Where can we find the meaning?For more information see the Competition Rules.