Superheroes Come to the Rescue of Israeli Defense Ministry Employees

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Ministry’s ‘secret’ employees turn to superheroes
by Yoav Zitun
Israel News
May 17, 2012

Defense Ministry employees in classified roles use actors in superhero disguises in order to protest against worsening in terms of their employment

Dozens of employees at a secret unit within the Defense Ministry chose an original way to protest in front of the Kirya base in Tel Aviv, using actors dressed up as Batman, Superman and other superheroes.

The employees could not protest in person due to the secrecy that is imposed on their role and identity.

The employees claim that the Defense Ministry is taking advantage of that limitation and other limitations that come with their job, like the lack of unionization, in order to worsen the terms of their employment.

The employees said that they were in a labor dispute over the terms of their pension funds which were hurt by a recent change in the law which has harmed them financially.

Attorney Ofer Bartal who represents the employees said: “Sadly, they have signed an agreement that obligates them to keep their personal information secret, which has led them to demonstrate wearing masks, and now, to hire the actors.”

The lawyer added that the contribution of the employees to state security was extremely important and they “continue to work in the ministry but it is unthinkable that the terms of their employment continue to be hurt.”

He added that these employees are responsible for one of the most sensitive and classified projects in the State of Israel, and answer directly to the defense minister…