Actor B.J. Novak Admits to Bogus Audio Art Tour

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B.J. Novak pulled off prank at MFA in 1997
November 24, 2011

Boston — A well-known actor took the art of “pranking” to a new level.

The prank happened 15-years-ago at the Museum of Fine Art, but it was just this week that one of the stars of the NBC show “The Office” took credit.

B.J. Novak, a Newton native, admitted to the prank.

Long before his days on the hit NBC show, Novak, who plays the character, Ryan, reportedly recorded spoof audio tours with friends in 1997, and swapped them with the real one at the MFA. As the recording progressed, it became clearer that it was a joke.

“Personally I hate this painting. Every time I walk past this one I want to smash the glass with a sledge hammer”¦” the recording said about an exhibit on dragons.

Novak reportedly made the revelation this week at a charity event at his former high school in Newton.

Novak”™s brother apparently recorded the music for the tape, and his friend voiced it. Novak”™s family and the Museum of Fine Art had no comment.