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From the OWS News Team: Introducing OWSnews.org – News of, by and for the 99%

OWSnews.org is being launched by journalists and organizers at New York”™s Liberty Park occupation and over 20 other occupied locations throughout the US. This service is specifically dedicated to aggregating and producing news reports on the OWS 99% Movement. Our website also features many social networking capabilities which allow registered users to create their own profile, share ideas and easily communicate with many other journalists and OWS activists. You can be one of the first people to join this network by creating your own profile and contributing to the site by registering here: OWSnews.org/register.

Before jumping into our first newsletter, we would like to bring your attention to a voting feature that is present on all of our news reports. It is a Reddit-style function which allows people to vote reports up or down. Moving forward, we will use this voting process as an online General Assembly editor to determine which news reports will get featured on the homepage. Once you are registered for the site, please vote up the reports that you like.

As we are currently coordinating and developing an editorial process with over 1000 occupations throughout the US and internationally, we thought it would be appropriate to launch by honoring and featuring some of the journalists that have spent years dedicated to investigating and exposing the crimes of Wall Street. We have an amazing list of contributors, including Amy Goodman, Eugene Jarecki, Glen Ford, Bill Black, Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw, Kevin Zeese, Adbusters, Nomi Prins, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Matt Taibbi, Mark Ruffalo, Cornel West, Naomi Wolf and more…