Into the Zone: The Story of the Cacophony Society Trailer

Submitted by director, Jon Alloway: Here’s the trailer for “Into the Zone,” The Story of the Cacophony Society, presented by Dreamland Pictures, Weird TV and Laughing Squid.

From the “Into the Zone” website:

Into the Zone is a film by Jon Alloway. This hilarious and exciting Dada-documentary follows their evolution from the San Francisco Suicide Club – 1977, the exploits of SF Cacophony, their nexus creating the Burning Man Festival, to the irreverent Los Angeles Cacophony and beyond. This is the history of the a significant American underground cultural movement.

WARNING! Contains EXTREME CHAOS, ABSURDITY and SUBVERSION. You cannot un-see what’s been seen…

‘The Cacophony Society is, ‘a randomly gathered network of free spirits engaged in the pursuit of experiences beyond the mainstream.’ The credo is ‘You May Already be a Member!’ It’s a non-religious, non-political, non-commercial disorganization of dada klowns rewiring the neuro-circuits of humanity. It’s heart is deeply routed in kitsch, weird and nihilism. It’s subversion by way of absurdist pranks and fire!

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