WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Unit on the Move

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From artist, Clark Stoeckley, June 14, 2011:

I started the WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit on March 19th during a rally for Bradley Manning at the White House. My goal is to bring awareness to WikiLeaks, protest the detention of Bradley Manning, and make the government and corporations sweat when they look out the window and see me parked in front of their buildings.

Though I am not connected to WikiLeaks, I believe we are all WikiLeaks. I realize that I am not only representing WikiLeaks with this project, but everyone who supports them. I strongly believe that Bradley Manning is a hero and true patriot.

Video of the WikiLeaks truck’s maiden voyage on March 19, 2011 in Washington, DC.:

Since [March] I have been driving around New York City, Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Quantico, VA, as well as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Soon I would like to make a trip to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where Bradley Manning was recently transported.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) there is a protest at the Federal Courthouse in Alexandria, VA for the WikiLeaks Grand Jury. David House (Manning’s best friend), Tyler Watkins (Manning’s boyfriend), and Nadia Heninger (WikiLeaks spokeswoman) have been subpoenaed to testify. I will be circling the square all day.

For more information, or to help drive WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Units all across the globe by installing adhesive vinyl graphics on a van or truck, please visit my website at