Miami’s New Piano Bar

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Miami’s New Piano Bar…

Teen places a burnt-out piano on a sandbar in Miami and lays low. Filmmakers come along and take full credit for it. Teen, realizing other people will get the credit, steps forward, but wishes people wouldn’t think of it as a prank. Says it’s art and he did it for a college application. So he committed a felony (dumping rubbish in the bay) to help his chances of getting into a prestigious university. And his parents were complicit. Lucky for him, the Miami authorities don’t seem to want to press charges. So, unless he removes it, the piano’s next incarnation will be as a reef. All well and good, but through all of this, no one says anything about the dolphin swimming across the bottom of this photograph by Karla Murray?

Here’s an interview with Nicholas Harrington, 16, on NBC’s Today Show:

View more photos here.

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