Improv Everywhere: The Tourist Lane

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This project is derivative of Banksy’s Fat Lane, which created a walking lane for obese people, which was itself derivative of Joey Skaggs’ 1984 Walk Right! project, in which a group of street vigilantes enforced 66 rules of street etiquette for New Yorkers, but New Yorkers apparently still don’t know how to walk right…

From Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere:

The Tourist Lane

For our latest mission, we created separate walking lanes for tourists and New Yorkers on a Fifth Avenue sidewalk. Department of Transportation “employees” were on hand to enforce the new rules and ask pedestrians for their feedback on the initiative.

For video and more photos, visit Improv Everywhere.

Idea by: Jeff Greenspan
Shot by: Matt Adams, Jason Eppink, and Keith Haskel
Photography: Katie Sokoler and Scott Beale
DOT Workers: Dan Black, Don Fanelli, Jeff Greenspan, Cody Lindquist